Top 4 Reasons to Move to SD-WAN

March 26, 2017
Today's network technology is moving and changing rapidly.  One of the more recent technologies on the scene is Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).  This new technology uses software and virtual network overlays to make WAN's easier to design and administer while addressing challenges with new cloud technology and IoT. Here are the top four reasons moving to an SD-WAN may be beneficial for your company. ...
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Why Outsource Telecom Expense Management?

March 26, 2017
More and more businesses are outsourcing their Telecom Expense Management programs today due in large part to the speed at which technology moves as well as the risk and complexity that comes along with the many different types of telecom environments. Some companies choose to outsource the complete Communications Lifecycle, while others decide to keep portions in-house while outsourcing others.  No matter what portion of the...
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Wi-Fi Security in the Workplace

March 14, 2017
There's one question that nearly everyone asks when they travel, "what's the Wi-Fi password?" Just a few short years ago the question was "do you have Wi-Fi?" but nowadays having a free and open Wi-Fi for customers is expected. If you're in charge of setting up the Wi-Fi for your office or public setting, there are few measures you should take to keep your network secure.Placement is the first step to any great Wi-Fi setup. In the home you can be...
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Security Tips When Browsing Online

March 10, 2017
Despite your team's best efforts to keep your network secure, in many ways the Internet is still the Wild Wild West. Between the security vulnerabilities found in software and plug-ins to malvertising campaigns and ransomware online surfing can still pose a danger to your company. Lucky for you, Auditmacs is here with a few tips to help keep you safe while browsing.Let's start with your browser. If you haven't updated your browsing software in a...
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Mobile Apps Can Increase Enterprise Security Risks

February 24, 2017
Two reports were released recently which demonstrate that the growing pervasiveness of mobile technology is leading to increased security risks. Fanning the flames further is the pervasive use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place at many private and government organizations.In the first report from Trend Micro, data collected in 2016 showed a sharp increase in the number of malware programs specifically targeted at Andriod devices....
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