Government Policies To Attract Millennial Candidates May Increase Risks

February 20, 2017
A 2014 report from the Government Accountability Office shows that by September of this year 31% of government employees will be eligible for retirement. With the potential of losing nearly 1/3 of the workforce, new policies are rolling out to attract young talent. It's no secret that mobile use is on the rise. It's predicted that by 2020 the number of mobile devices being used daily will increase by another 50%. Millennials rarely use desktop...
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How Viruses Can Infect Smart Phones

January 23, 2017
We now live in an age dreamed of more than 50 years ago. Not only is there a computer in every home, there are often multiple devices and a computer in every pocket. Today's smart phones have millions of times more computing power than all of NASA in 1969. This means they're susceptible to attacks, but attacks that you can be prepared for.The term "virus" has carried over from the PC world and refers to programming which replicates itself by...
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Dumb Phone Options For The Internet Weary

January 20, 2017
Remember when phones made and received calls and that was it? Once they connected to the Internet the capabilities of a phone skyrocketed and texting was added. For most of us, this was a fantastic revolution as we love our smart device. Yet to many, this is an endless stream of distractions, frustrations, and comes with a fear of identity theft, hacking, and more.If you're in the minority on this one take heart, there are still plenty of...
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Your Credit Card Can Be Hacked In 6 Seconds

December 8, 2016
A group of tech researchers have developed software which can hack a credit card in about 6 seconds. If you've purchased anything online or have had to give your credit card number over the phone, then you know that having just the credit card number isn't enough. For additional validation, you also need the expiration date, the CVV, and the ZIP code. Now all 3 points of validation can be unlocked with a few keystrokes and the click of a...
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New Lifx Bulb Can Help With The Office Security

December 8, 2016
Cyber attacks are not the only threats modern companies are facing. Good old fashioned real world theft is still a common occurrence, one which can halt business production for several days or more, depending on what is stolen. This is why many offices are now using security cameras which are especially helpful at night. However, leaving the lights on all night isn't always possible and seeing intruders in the dark can test the limits of many...
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