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Is Your Organization Ready to Take Advantage of IT Consumerization?

Is Your Organization Ready to Take Advantage of IT Consumerization?

Over the past decade, a significant paradigm shift has occurred in how information technology departments are managing new technology and refining corporate policies to enforce compliance and protect the organization’s interests. According to Gartner, one of the world’s leading information technology research companies, IT consumerization is the terminology used to donate the impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on an enterprise. What has emerged as a concerning issue for IT is the fact that employees are insisting on bringing the latest device technology into the workplace, whether the enterprise has security policies in place or not.

Fact is, today’s younger, more mobile workforce is going to continue to have a significant impact on how IT departments manage the products that employees use to complete their jobs. But, that doesn’t mean the change in protocol is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, with vendors now focused on delivering new technologies directly to end-users, the creative understanding of how applications can best be applied is falling into the hands of the end users as well as the enterprise workforce.

On the one hand, companies who embrace the consumerization of IT are looking at dynamic ways of increasing employee productivity, business agility and customer satisfaction with a better return on their investment. On the other hand, there will be unknown network security risks, and IT departments will continue to be challenged as to how unapproved technologies can be managed to ensure network security is not compromised. To make the task at hand more challenging, the release of new enterprise technology is going to come in shorter cycles and the demand for mobile device support will continue to increase at a significantly faster rate.

As products and services reach the consumer market long before they have been adopted by the enterprise, IT infrastructures will have to become more flexible and respond more quickly to internal and external demands. To learn more about embracing enterprise technology, contact Auditmacs. We can help with policy creations and provide enterprise mobility service desk support comprised of highly trained and experienced mobility specialists, white labeled and integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions.

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