Auditmacs is one of the region's largest telecom sourcing channels, and there are many unique benefits to using us as a strategic partner for sourcing:

  • Leveraging our hundreds of millions of dollars of telecom services under management, we have insider market intelligence on price point metrics for all enterprise telecommunications services that allows us to expedite the negotiation process, and keep the playing field level.
  • Our Sweet Spot Alignment Method allows us to align your needs with vendor "sweet spots" for products, services, billing options, technology, and geographical advantages.
  • We use a variety of innovative sourcing and analysis tools (including best practice process flows, templates, and various proprietary decision-making matrices) to provide you with a strategic advantage over traditional carrier negotiation practices.

By leveraging Auditmacs sourcing, you automatically receive expert design oversight and consulting. Optimal design not only affects performance, it also affects pricing, disaster recovery, business continuity and more.