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Johannes Ullrich and jeff hootselle

Tech Talk with Johannes Ullrich from the Sans Tech Institute

Each week on Tech Talk, our host from Auditmacs, Jeff Hootselle talks to experts from the tech sector. Today, Jeff talks to Johannes Ullrich from the Sans Tech Institute. The SANS Technology Institute is a regionally accredited graduate school. It prepares the next generation of cyber security professionals for what they will face in the field. Their programs are distinguished by a world-class faculty, an emphasis on hands-on learning in SANS courses that are continually updated for real-world relevance. The SANS Technology Institute teaches cyber security and nobody does it better. To learn more, visit

Jeff Hootselle is the Chief Cloud Officer for Auditmacs, focused on helping our clients innovate, drive efficiencies, and realize competitive advantages in their marketplace through the adoption of cloud and mobile technology. Jeff is responsible for growing Auditmacs’ business, maintaining client satisfaction, and establishing Auditmacs as a leading provider of technology consulting services.

Auditmacs is a leader in IT telephony and mobility lifecycle management consulting technologies. Auditmacs provides both software and professional services that enable organizations to better understand, manage, and control their enterprise voice, data, and mobility environment. Auditmacs focuses on enterprise clients that spend between $2-20 million a year on telecom and mobility services. Auditmacs’ mobility clients range from as few as 500 end-users to as many as 20,000. Whether an organization is looking for traditional TEM/WMM, moving a legacy telecom environment to the cloud, deploying 10,000 proprietary mobile tablets to the field, or reducing costs through audit optimization, Auditmacs can help.

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